Language features application

The Language features application demonstrates most of the language capabilities you have learned so far. It even adds a few new features itself. Feel free to download it and explore.

Functionally, the application takes you through a process of “creating” your own company. First it asks you for its name and then for a required number of workers and supervisors. Once everything is correctly entered, it writes all the information about your company on the screen. It starts with the company name and then lists all its employees.

As far as the code goes, the application demonstrates the following language features in use:

  • Static classes
  • Instance classes
  • Private and protected data fields
  • Public read-only and read-write properties
  • Constructors
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract classes
  • Virtual methods
  • Method overrides
  • While, for and foreach cycles
  • Try/catch constructs
  • Nullable data types
  • Generic lists
  • String to integer parsing
  • Use of String.Format method
  • Use of Console.WriteLine and Console.ReadLine methods
  • Use of Random object
  • and a few others...

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