Windows Applications

Unlike console applications, windows applications provide the user with a rich graphical interface to interact with. There are two main technologies you can use to create Windows applications in the .NET Framework.

Windows Forms is the older, perhaps more mature technology. It is based on standard Windows controls – a textbox in Windows Forms is basically just a smarter TextBox from Windows API.

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), on the other hand, is a complete new way for creating graphical user interfaces in Windows. Everything in WPF is custom drawn on the screen and basically nothing is shared with the original Windows controls API.

What both technologies have in common is that every user control is an object. You can influence the appearance and behavior of a control by setting its properties. Once a user interacts with the control, you will get notified through control events.

This website shows you the basics of both technologies. Each technology is discussed more closely in its own section.

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